The Huron Playhouse Takes Final Bow


Huron Playhouse Takes Its Final Bow

After many cost-saving measures and searching for funding streams, the Board of Directors of the Huron Playhouse, Inc. has decided that it is financially impossible to continue to operate the Huron Playhouse as it had been previously funded, and the organization would no longer be able to provide the patrons with the quality theatrical experience they have come to expect from the Huron Playhouse. The Board has decided that it is time to allow the organization to take its “final bow”. As of September 30, 2018, the Huron Playhouse, Inc. corporation will be dissolved.

Since 2018 would have been the organization’s 70th anniversary season, the Board was asked to, and will join in the 75th Anniversary celebration of McCormick School, the location that has been the Huron Playhouse’s summer home since 1949. Please stop by the celebration at McCormick School on August 4th from 3-7 pm to view some of the Huron Playhouse memorabilia and highlights from the 70 years of the organization’s history.

The Board of Directors acknowledges, with appreciation, the generosity of patrons, sponsors, and funders who have provided numerous grants and funding support that made it possible for the Huron Playhouse to have such a long and outstanding record of providing theatrical experiences for the young and old alike.  Board President, Dr. Jim Chapple stated that “without the generosity of many theater lovers the Huron Playhouse would never have existed for 70 years. The board truly believe that the Huron Playhouse is leaving a legacy of great theater in northern Ohio.”

The Huron Playhouse will maintain its website (, the post office box at P.O. Box 487, Huron, OH 44839 and the phone (419.433.4744) for a period of time after the corporation has been dissolved if you have questions. You may also contact Dr. Jim Chapple at or Sue Cloak (419.433.5250) if you have additional questions or comments.


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