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Board Announcement, May 2017

Please click on the attachment below to read about the board decision made in May, 2017:

Thank you for your support.

Press Release

Ways to Contribute

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Donations may be made using the downloadable donation form with checks payable to The Huron Playhouse.  Click here for the Donation form.

We wish to thank all those that have donated to date:

Thank you to these foundations:






and to those listed below:

Our Generous Donors:

  • Harold Behnken
  • Karl and Jane Lehrer
  • Frank and Maria Ruggiero-in memory of Ruggiero/Ferrara Family & Friends
  • Dennis and Beverly Sue Smith
  • Sharon Tomshack
  • Jim Colwell
  • Margaret Suarez
  • Carol S. Steuk
  • Henry and Martha Timman
  • Larry Foran
  • Robert and Ellen Winsink
  • Barbara S. Boeckling
  • Dennis and Joan Dancer
  • Debra Presser
  • Daniel Stober
  • Kenneth and Sharon Mues-in memory of Virginia Copp
  • Sue W.Cloak
  • Pat Basilone-in memory of William Basilone
  • Shirley Waldock
  • Tom and Anne Murray
  • Jim Chapple
  • Megan Leasher
  • Anonymous
  • Ann Smith
  • Pete and Susan Hazel
  • Jan and Mind y Nickel
  • Judith Kovacik
  • Mary Lou Fisher
  • Curt and Deb Brown
  • Kenny and Jan Tkach
  • J. Rex Stanforth
  • Chuck and Sue Hoffner
  • Eugene and Sandy Wright
  • Ed and Carol Murray
  • Mary Lacy
  • Al and Nancy Meyer
  • Nancy McKeen
  • Hugh and Barbara Northup
  • John P. Jones
  • Cody Noon
  • Jim Dudenhoefer
  • Karen McCune
  • Tim and Kathy Armstrong
  • Shawn Knieriem-in memory of his father
  • Marlee Ashton
  • Karen Bauer
  • Vincent Meade
  • Dom DeRiso
  • Rod and Linda Litz
  • Scott and Renee’ Slocum
  • Johanna K. Knabe
  • Daryl and Joyce Deering
  • Ann Marie Muehlhauser-in memory of George Muehlhauser
  • Patricia Koethe
  • Ann Jones
  • Lori Koethe
  • Priscilla Auble
  • Bob and Jan Battiste
  • Rebecca Stevens
  • Baird Pfahl
  • David and Carole Dreffer
  • Tom and Ruth Brink
  • David and Cathy Wobser- in memory of Al Weingart
  • Marian Hancy
  • William and Sharon Kenney
  • Suzanne Hartley- in memory of Barbara Hartley Schlachter
  • Joanne Jenck
  • Tim and Julie Sowecke, ACE Hardware
  • Dr. Harry and Kathlyn Stenzel
  • Mark Sartor
  • Dan and Wendy Allen
  • Roger and Betty Jean Anderson
  • Susan C. Fisher- in memory of Alan Frank
  • Martha J. Ryan
  • John and Maureen Vela
  • Nancy Wolter


Gifting represents the opportunity to transfer your assets during your lifetime and potentially reduce your taxable estate.  When you gift, you can enjoy the benefit of seeing your gift in action, and you may also benefit from tax advantages.

Please contact Ryan M. Reffner at Edward Jones for all the information.

Ryan can be contacted at 419-433-1515.



Giving to The Huron Playhouse has gotten even easier and costs you nothing.  We are pleased to announce that we are now a part of two outstanding reward programs:  Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards.

Click on each to see how easy it is to participate and thank you in advance.


The Huron Playhouse, Inc. is fortunate to have received grant funding from several local and national foundations for numerous projects. The following is a list of foundations who have generously contributed to our mission for 2016!

The Mylander Foundation

Sam S. and Rose Stein Foundation

The Randolph J. and Estelle M. Dorn Foundation

The Sidney Frohman Foundation

The Erie County Community Foundation

Wightman -Weiber Foundation

Huron Browns Backers #421

Ohio Arts Council

  A special thank you to: OAClogo

Previous Foundation Support


Become a Huron Playhouse Ambassador!  We are looking for enthusiastic patrons who would like the opportunity to share their excitement and support of The Huron Playhouse.  Our Ambassador program offers a complimentary ticket the night of service and discounts on other evenings.*  Opportunities to assist with parking, ushering, greeting, intermission sales, Box Office and promotional events offer our Ambassadors the chance to become Playhouse experts.

Parking Support:  We greet patrons and direct our patrons to parking spaces that will enable the easiest exit for them at the end of the evening as well as direct those with special needs to closer parking spaces with easy entry and exit.  Our Parking Support Ambassador should be friendly and excited to see our patrons as well as guide them to the closest entrance and assist with any questions they may have.  This is our patron’s first contact with The Huron Playhouse and we’d like to assure them a positive experience.

Ushers:  This is for those people who love to assist others and share their excitement for theater while providing an exceptional experience.  The usher should be able to answer any questions our patrons have or know where the information can be found.  They work closely with the House Manager and Box Office while guiding our patrons to the correct seat and also assisting them until they are seated.

Contact us at 419-433-4744 if interested! There are numerous other ways in which you can give time to The Huron Playhouse.  Please take a look at our updated Volunteer Form for ways to become involved in The Huron Playhouse!  Please contact the office for more information.

Ambassador Brochure

2016 Ambassadors

2015 Ambassadors

2014 Ambassadors


The Huron Playhouse, Inc. celebrated the 68th consecutive season in 2016! As you may know, ours is the oldest continuing summer theatre in the state of Ohio.  Opportunities for advertising and Corporate Sponsorship are available!

Future Information

If you are interested in finding ways that you or your business may support the Playhouse:

Please contact us at 419-433-4744 or via email: info@huronplayhouse.com.

Thank you for your support of The Huron Playhouse, Inc.!

Past Seasons Information:

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