(Photo by Al Freeman and used with his permission)


……to our talented and energetic company and crew for 2015 for an excellent season! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. It was our pleasure to have you with us for two months.


Theatre is as close to magic as we can get in this world. It transports us to different times and faraway places, real and imagined. It allows us to feel for and to empathize with complete strangers. And, when done well, it can open the mind and free the soul of both the performers and the audience. Yes, film can do the same, but its magic transcends time by allowing people to live forever. Theatre’s magic is, like life, fleeting. It is completely of the moment, even when taking us out of time and place. And it’s that ephemeral quality that draws me in. One morning I walk into a schoolhouse and within hours I’m standing in a playhouse. And four short weeks later, four shows are mounted in quick succession, each taking us on a completely different journey. Like a theatrical Brigadoon, The Huron Playhouse emerges from the mist and disappears just as quickly. It sparkles and draws us in but, as with quicksilver, eludes our grasp. It’s magic that happens in real time with real people. That magical spell ended today with the close of The Huron Playhouse’s 67th season. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to a remarkable staff, cast and crew. Thank you for the magic! Jennifer Wertz, August, 2015