The Huron Playhouse aims to provide innovative, quality education and outreach programs for all ages. Our programs use theatre techniques to build community by promoting a passion for creative expression and life-long learning.
Our 68th season marked the launch of numerous programs such as the Community Voices monologue event, the Playhouse Writer’s Lab developing new work for our region, master classes with guest artists, talk-backs with members of our company, and an Observership exclusively for our Ambassadors.

The Education Department of The Huron Playhouse is committed to serving all ages, abilities, and backgrounds; nurturing the next generation of artists and theatre professionals; developing a new audience of theatre-goers; and being a leader in our region to educate and enlighten youth and adults about all aspects of theatre performance and operations, through creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.


The  following  events  are  free  general  admission  on  a  first  come  first  serve  basis.  

Try  to  Remember:  rediscovering  Off-­‐Broadway’s  longest  running  show
Thursday,  June  29  |  6  pm  |  Huron  Public  Library
Join  the  Director  of  the  Huron  Public  Library,  Benjamin  Reid,  for  a  discussion  of  what  many  consider  to  be  the world’s  most  beloved   musical,  The  Fantasticks,  before  it  opens  The  Huron  Playhouse’s  69th  season.

Peter  and  the  Starcatcher:  Children’s  literature,  story  theatre,  and  a  dash  of  star  stuff  
Monday,  July  24  |  6pm  |  Huron  Public  Library  
Join  the  Director  of  the  Huron  Public  Library,  Benjamin  Reid,  for  a  discussion  of  the  source  material  and theatrical  style  of this  family   favorite  chronicling  the  Neverland  you  never  knew.

Playhouse  Buzz

A  pre-­show  discussion  beginning  at  7:15pm  before  every  performance  with  the  creative  team  of  each  production  outlining the artistic  choices  of  the  show  moderated  by  our  Director  of  Education,  Joe  York.  Free  to  all  audience  members  and  to  take place   backstage  at  McCormick.

Talkback  Thursdays

Talkback  with  the  company  and  audience  members  immediately  following  each  Thursday  evening  performance  moderated  by   Director  of  Education,  Joe  York,  providing  an  opportunity  to  engage  with  our  actors  and  staff,  ask  any  questions  you  have about  the   theatrical  process,  discuss  the  themes  of  the  show,  etc.  Free  to  all  audience  members  and  to  take  place  in  the theatre  space  of   McCormick.

Ambassador  Program  Observership  for  Peter  and  the  Starcatcher  (free  incentive  for  Ambassadors  only)     An  incentive  for those  volunteering  as  Ambassadors  to  connect  with  the  company  members  and  artistic  process  of  each  production.   Ambassadors  will  be  invited  to  one  open  rehearsal  early  in  the  process  for  this  family  favorite  to  observe  rehearsal  and  then have  a   brief  meet  and  greet/Q  &  A  with  the  rehearsal  company.  Then  closer  to  opening,  will  be  lead  through  a  backstage tour  giving  them   an  “insider  scoop”  on  the  theatre  magic  being  created  by  the  designers  and  tech  staff.  For  more information  on  volunteering  at  the   Playhouse  please  email  or  call  419.433.4744.       2017  

The  following  events  are  free  general  admission  on  a  first  come  first  serve  basis.

Huron  Public  Library  Concert   Sunday,  June  25  |  3pm  |  Huron  Public  Library

Huron  Riverfest  Parade   Saturday,  July  8  |  11am  |  Huron  Boat  Basin

Flash  Mobs   various  locations  in  region